Package ch.qos.cal10n

The main package of the CAL10N project.


Interface Summary
IMessageConveyor Retrieve a localized message by its key as specified by an enum.

Class Summary
CAL10NConstants This class defines the shared constants in CAL10N.
MessageConveyor The default implementation for IMessageConveyor based on resource bundles.
MessageParameterObj Holds data relevant for a deferred message lookup.

Exception Summary

Annotation Types Summary
BaseName This annotation serves to designate the name of the resource bundle corresponding to an enum type.
Locale See LocaleData annotation.
LocaleData In conjunction with the @Locale annotation, the @LocaleData annotation serves to designate a list of locale names for which resource bundles exist.

Package ch.qos.cal10n Description

The main package of the CAL10N project.

It contains the IMessageConveyor interface and the default implementation MessageConveyor.

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